Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Coral Hat Saga Continues

I worked on the coral hat most of  Saturday sitting in the sun by the window watching the snow fall. Did I mention this is a slow process? I knit up all my materials but it just does not feel right. I bought a soft, yummy, salmon-colored silk blend by Manos for the part that goes around my face. Right now, the hat is just not cohesive. I'm going to keep looking and thinking and I will likely get an idea and rip this out and try again. I don't mind. I have two great hats to wear in the meantime. This is a lot like solving a puzzle.

Did I mention, after clipping out the colors I don't like, this is all the yarn I've got -- not enough to finish the hat. I need to dip into some other yarns that I've avoided. I have a scratchy coral yarn that I can use as long as it's not on my face. I may blend the Manos yarn with some of the others. We'll see.

It was beautiful outside. Taking pictures from inside does not work well thanks to the window screen. It was such a nice view from the third floor but there was no way to record it.

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