Sunday, August 4, 2013

From Plein Air to Cotton

Fabric printed by Spoonflower
Watercolor Painting
At least five years ago, a friend and I spent an afternoon doing plein air painting.

While I did not like my painting that much, I did like the textures I created. Some time later, I cropped small areas from the painting and manipulated the color using IrfanView.

5x5 mosaic created on MosaicMaker
From MosaicMaker to Spoonflower
For a while I played around with MosaicMaker making countless images. Eventually, I sent the designs to Spoonflower. This was one of the first fabrics I had them print for me. Later this week, I'll post more textiles designs that sprung from this same watercolor painting. You can view more of my textile designs in my Spoonflower shop. Spoonflower has expanded from printing fabrics to decals, gift wrap, and wallpaper!

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