Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tiger Tiger

Long ago, I fell in love with Mimi Lipton's book "The Tiger Rugs of Tibet" and tried one of the rugs  in my living room, but it just did not work. The rugs are quite powerful and take over a room -- especially when the rug has a tiger face. You can view many examples of Tibetan tiger rugs here. The design diversity is quite broad.

In the end, I bought a rugs that has a tiny abstract snow leopard pattern -- so small, one can easily miss it.  This link provides a brief summary on Tibetan rugs and includes mention of snow leopard patterns.
On a recent trip to New York, I ran across this guy and had to bring him home. At the last minute, I decided to get the cushion, too. With its toned-down color (~madder red), quiet design (no face or paws), and scaled-down size, it's easier to incorporate into a room than a full-sized rug of a flayed tiger.

I looked up the Tibetan word for tiger. Some sources said la or la la (this link includes wonderful tiger mythologies) and others say taak, or  stag (male) or stagmo (female). By the time I found this latter link, I had set my heart on LaLa, so LaLa he is . . . and, not to be confused with the yellow TeletubbyLaa-Laa, who likes to sing and dance, and often looks out for others. My LaLa  is bold, fearless, gentle, and lovable.

More Tigers
Two-headed tiger made from a silkworm cocoon
Tigers are showing up everywhere. While purchasing my new tiger, the saleswoman pointed out that my glasses frames have a tiger pattern; I really don't think of them that way. This week, I remembered more tigers in my home. Decades ago I bought this two-headed tiger made from a silkworm cocoon. About 13 years ago, my older brother gave me a beautiful set of tiger towels.
Tiger towel


Margaret M. Sheehan said...

I really liked this entry. I am fascinated with "the animal" that choses to be a part of one's life. Julia Cameron, from the "Artist's way" has a crow. I have great blue herons. So, you're a tiger! Very cool!

jude said...

thee are a few tigers on the lion quilt. i guess it is a cat quilt.


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