Sunday, December 30, 2012

Out of the Straight Jacket

Sleeveless jumpsuit
Leonard patiently watched me making Baby Girl's new clothes, but it was not long before he asked for something new for himself. Now that he had my attention, I could see that his sleeping bag was more like a straight jacket. This boy needed something new to keep him warm without so much confinement!

Curly and Leonard in their sleeping bags
I unraveled most of the sleeping bag. It was made from one of my father's old cross country ski socks. The yarn is very sticky. It's also old and worn. I had to be careful when I frogged it, or it just broke apart.

We decided on a big bulky sweater with a double turtleneck (one from the sweater, and one from the jumpsuit). It looks like Leonard is all grown up -- and everyone is happier!

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