Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Entrelac Outlined in Angora

Entrelac swatch (Click to enlarge.)
So I made a swatch using an idea from Entrelac: The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting with two changes; the yarns were slightly different and the rectangles were 5 stitches across rather than 12. This was a test so I was a little sloppy on technique. After the photos are taken, this will be frogged. The materials combo is yummy. I love the whisper-pale periwinkle in the angora against the browns in the Noro Kureyon, but . . .

It's Flat
. . . I want a hat with entrelac's high relief. I'm not sure why this is so flat. It's hard to know, because I changed two things from my first attempt (see previous post). Is it because of the technique for introducing the angora outline or because Rosemary Drysdale's basic entrelac method does not slip the stitches destined for pick up? I may have to try her entrelac technique with a single yarn to find out.

Flat can be good -- especially if this was a shawl as shown in Drysdale's pattern, "Accent on Angora Shawl" (try saying that fast three times!) I love the fiber combo but I want an entrelac hat with high relief. I wonder if a higher value contrast would suggest higher relief? What if I use black velour for the outline?

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